Hypoallergenic diet for adult cats of all breeds

Carpathian Pet Food – Cat Adult Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic diet for adult cats of all breeds

ТМ Carpathian Pet Food «Cat Adult Hypoallergenic» – a complete hypoallergenic diet for adult cats of all breeds, with congenital and acquired food allergies and intolerance.
As a result of the joint efforts of world leading technologists, nutritionists and experts in the field of Pet food, we created a new formula of hypoallergenic food for the daily feeding of your beloved pets. Comprehensive studies have made it possible to develop a diet specifically for cats susceptible to food allergies and intolerance.
The menu is filled with organic products that are grown in environmentally friendly regions, useful for the health of cats. Specially selected Carpathian herbs, vegetables, fruits and berries have a health-improving effect and have a curative effect on the general condition of the whole organism of the cat. The technology of the food production is developed without dyes, preservatives, soy and gluten.

Food features


Lamb Meat 35%

The basis of hypoallergenic food for cats is natural dietary lamb meat (35%) grown in ecologically clean Carpathian regions. It is a natural source of highly digestible protein, which provides the body of the cat with animal proteins.

Brown Unpolished Rice

For cats susceptible to food allergy and intolerance, the food contains unpolished brown rice (35%), which helps the body to establish metabolic processes and prevent allergic diseases, obesity, and disturbance of the cardiovascular system. Enriching the body with group B vitamins, natural minerals and sorbents.


The content of serum protein isolate plays a role of a high-quality and highly digestible protein source (L.I.P.) rich in amino acids (BCAA), with a zero content of carbohydrates, lactose and fats, and refers to as fast proteins. Hydrolyzate of the liver, included in the ingredients of the food, consists of low molecular weight peptides that possess high digestibility and hypoallergenic properties.
Сушені трави

Dry Herbs

Marshmallow, yarrow, burdock root, nettle leaves and milk thistle protect the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract from irritation, absorption of various types of allergens and their rapid excretion from the body, are excellent hepatoprotectors.

Fruits and berries

Apples, blueberries and cranberries enriched the pellet food for cats susceptible to allergies with vitamins A, E, C, group B, minerals that generally strengthen and tonic your pet’s body; prevent infectious diseases, improve digestion, vision and kidney function.


Taurine is a vitally essential element for optimal functioning of the visual apparatus, cardiovascular and reproductive systems for cats.
Пребіотики та пробіотики

Prebiotics Actigen

Every day, different stress factors of the environment affect the body of cats. In stressful situations, the protective forces of the macro body of the cat weaken, at the same time, the conditionally pathogenic microflora is activated and is the cause of disease in the animal. For prophylaxis and correction of dysbiotic disorders with the help of substitution therapy, we used Actigen – a new generation of prebiotics, a rare vital component made from a rich outer layer of yeast cells. Getting into the body, it displaces pathogenic microorganisms from the intestines and promotes the colonization of its new species of bacteria that form a normal microflora.

No preservatives and dyes


Redfish meat 4%

The diet is supplemented with lean fish meat (Redfish 4%) to reduce the load on the liver, which has a positive effect on the immune system.

Chicken fat and flax seed oil (Оmega-3, Оmega-6, Оmega-9 –polyunsaturated fatty acids)

The optimal amount of animal and vegetable fats (chicken and flaxseed oil) that do not cause allergies, improve the energy balance of your pet, increase and prolong its mobility and agility throughout the day. For shiny hair and elasticity of skin, the granule is filled with Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9.

Chamomile extract

Has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects, helps to bind and remove harmful substances from the body (including allergens), provides oral health and prevents the disease of the gastrointestinal tract

Extract of Yucca schidigera

Reduces the smell of excrement, has anti-inflammatory action, cleanses blood, helps the skin remove toxins, increases the immunity of the cat’s body.
Сублімовані овочі

Sublimated vegetables

Beets and Jerusalem artichoke provide an organism of cats with a vitamin-mineral complex, high iodine, fiber content and promote the recovery of liver cells; have anti-allergic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.


Hydrolyzed crustaceans (glucosamine) and Hydrolyzed cartilage (chondroitin) for the protection of cartilage, ligaments and elasticity of the joints.

Vitamin-mineral-amino acid complex with L-carnitine in chelate form

Thanks to the addition of vitamin-mineral-amino acid complex in chelate form in the diet of cats, the formation of plaque and stone is slowed down. Provides better skeletal mineralization, is a major component of maintaining the immune system and protecting the body of allergenic cats.

Wheat, corn and soy free



Dehydrated meat

Lamb 35%

Chicken fat

1st class
Гідролізат свинячої печінки





Extracts and herbs

chamomile extract, extract of Yucca schidigera, marshmallow, yarrow, burdock root, nettle leaves, milk thistle

Vitamin and mineral amino acid complex

with L-carnitine in chelate form

Dehydrated meat

Redfish 4%

Flaxseed oil

source of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9

Beet pulp

natural fat

Hydrolyzed crustacean and cartilage

source of glucosamine and chondroitin


beets, Jerusalem artichoke

Prebiotics Actigen


Rice 34%

brown unpolished

Hemoglobin flour



Гідролізат, ізолят

Whey protein isolate

source of L.I.P.

Fruits and berries

apples, blueberries, cranberries


The content of essential nutrients

protein – 34 %
fat – 16 %
fibre – 5.2 %
ash – 4,4 %
starch – 21 %

Macro- and microelements

calcium – 2.37 %
phosphorus – 1.37 %
potassium – 0.69 %
sodium – 0.64 %
chlorine – 0.18 %
magnesium – 0.16 %

copper – 6.2 mg/kg
iodine – 0.09%
iron – 90 mg/kg
manganese – 5.9 mg/kg
selenium – 330 mkg/kg

zinc – 0.01%

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

omega-3 – 0.23%,
omega-6 – 0.6%

Amino acids

lysine – 1.61 %
methionine – 0.44 %
cystine – 0.28 %
threonine – 1.04 %
tryptophan – 0.28 %
arginine – 1.75 %

valine – 1.46 %
histidine – 0.69 %
isoleucine – 1.89 %
leucine – 1.77 %
phenylalanine – 1.19 %
tyrosine – 1.22 %
taurine – 0.21 %


А – 21100 IU/kg
D – 850 IU/kg
Е – 435 IU/kg
1 – 4.6 mg/kg
В2 – 4.84 mg/kg
В3 – 58 mg/kg

В4 – 2563 mg/kg
В5 – 56 mg/kg
В6 – 49 mg/kg
В9 – 6571 mkg/kg
В11 – 52.5 mg/kg
В12 – 0.44 mg/kg

Energy value

100 grams of product – 362 kcal

Feeding Norm

Activity / Weight2 kg3 kg4 kg5 kg6 kg7 kg
Low36 g54 g72 g90 g108 g126 g
Normal41 g62 g83 g104 g124 g145 g
High43 g65 g86 g108 g129 g151 g
Weight / ActivityLowNormalHigh
2 kg36 g41 g43 g
3kg54 g62 g65 g
4 kg72 g83 g86 g
5 kg90 g104 g108 g
6 kg108 g124 g129 g
7kg126 g145 g151 g