For puppies of all breeds, from 1 month to 1 year

Carpathian Pet Food – Junior

For puppies of all breeds, from 1 month to 1 year

Premium food ТМ Carpathian Pet Food «Junior» for puppies of all breeds, from 1 month to 1 year.
Nutrition plays a huge role in the growth and development of puppies. In this particular period of time, the diet of your pet should contain everything needed to form a solid immune system and muscles. The daily requirement in nutrients and minerals for puppies is greater than for adult dogs.
Dry food «Junior», thanks to the high content of highly digestible proteins (L.I.P.), vitamins and minerals will help make a puppy’s diet full and rational. Our quality experts have taken care of maintaining the natural protection of your pet’s body and the safety of its digestion, while working on the formulation of the food, they added vitamin and mineral complex in chelating form, anthelmintic remedy and a natural adsorbent.

Food features


High content of highly digestible protein (L.І.P.)

An important supplement in the food «Junior» has become protein isolates and liver hydrolyzate. For puppy’s important sources are high quality and highly digestible protein (L.I.P.), rich in amino acids (BCAA) with the highest of all known natural foods, their level of content, zero carbohydrate, lactose and fats, relate to fast proteins.
Сухе молоко

Dry milk

Carpathian Pet Food «Junior» contains milk, which is useful for the formation of strong bones, rapid growth and harmonious development of muscles; is the source of the optimal amount of easily digestible proteins, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D.

Chicken fat

The optimal amount of chicken fats in the food improves the energy balance of your pet, increases and prolongs its mobility and dynamism throughout the growth period.

Оmegа-3 and Оmega-6 - polyunsaturated fatty acids

For shiny hair and elasticity of skin, the granule is filled with Omega-3 and Omega-6.
Насіння гарбуза

Extract of pumpkin seeds

Anthelmintic remedy, contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids necessary for an organism, promotes the proper development of all systems of the body of puppies.
Сушені трави

Dry herbs

Acorus calamus, chamomile and sage increase the appetite, improve digestion, prevent diseases of the oral cavity, liver, kidneys, bladder and nervous system; Have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, general-fixing remedy.

Prebiotics Actigen

Every day, different stress factors of the environment affect the puppies body. In stressful situations, the protective forces of the macro body of the puppy weaken, at the same time, the conditionally pathogenic microflora is activated and causes the disease of the animal. For prophylaxis and correction of dysbiotic disorders with the help of substitution therapy, we used Actigen – a new generation of prebiotics, a rare vital component, made from a rich outer layer of yeast cells. Getting into the body, it displaces pathogenic microorganisms from the intestines and promotes the colonization of its new species of bacteria that form normal microflora.

No preservatives and dyes

Кальцій та фосфор

Improved formula with high levels of calcium and phosphorus

Improves the formation and strengthening of teeth.
М'ясо курки

Chicken meat 35%

For the intensive growth and development of your puppies, a high percentage of meat ingredients in the diet is required. Considering this, our specialists have created enriched food with animal proteins, which is the source of substitutable and essential amino acids and the basis of a healthy puppy.

Mackerel meat 12%

Contains a balanced amount amount of phosphorus, iodine, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, fluorine, nicotinic acid and vitamin D, which is important for the strengthening of the bones, nervous system and promotes assimilation.

Extruded cereals of the highest quality

Wheat, corn, brown unpolished rice, beet fiber pulp and wheat bran are the key to improved digestion, the prevention of flatulence and the formation of small amounts and optimal consistency of the stool.

Extract Yucca schidigera

Reduces the smell of excrement, has anti-inflammatory action, cleanses blood, helps the skin remove toxins, increases the immunity of the puppy’s body.
Сублімовані овочі

Sublimated vegetables

Beets, carrots and pulp of yellow pumpkin provide the body of the puppy with a vitamin-mineral complex, high iodine and fiber content, contribute to the restoration of liver cells, improve the formation of vision; strengthen the tooth enamel, and the immunity of your puppy.

Fruits and berries

Apples and dried apricots enrich the granule of the food for puppies A, E, C, group B, minerals that generally strengthen and tone up the body of your pet; improve the formation of vision, digestive and nervous systems of the organism during the period of growth; prevent the occurrence of anemia.


Is a source of my-oligo-saccharides, glucosamine and chondroitin. Which is important for protection of cartilage and ligaments, elasticity of joints.


Thanks to the addition of vitamin-mineral-amino acid complex in chelate form in the diet of dogs, the formation of plaque and stone is slowed down. It is also facilitated by a specially designed granule that increases the process of eating and improves digestion.


М'ясо курки

Dehydrated meat

chicken 35%

Chicken Fat

highest quality
Гідролізат свинячої печінки


Макуха кукурудзяна

Press Cake

Гідролізат, ізолят

Whey protein isolate

source of L.I.P.


beets, carrots, pulp of yellow pumpkin

Dehydrated meat

mackerel 12%
риб’ячий жир

Fish oil

source of Omega-3/Omega-6


brown unpolished

Beet Pulp

natural fiber


source of mano-oligo-saccharides, glucosamine and chondroitin

Fruits and berries

apples and dried apricots

Wheat and corn

highest quality
Сухе молоко







Extracts and herbs

pumpkin seed extract, extract of Yucca schidigera, acorus calamus, chamomile, sage


with L-carnitine in chelate form

The content of essential nutrients

protein – 35 %
fat – 18 %
fibre – 2.02 %
ash – 4.2 %
starch – 20.18 %

Macro- and microelements

calcium – 2.11 %
phosphorus – 1.22 %
potassium – 0.58 %
sodium – 0.59 %
chlorine – 0.4 %
magnesium – 0.18 %

copper – 11.5 mg/kg
iodine – 0.02 %
iron – 90 mg/kg
manganese – 6.9 mg/kg
selenium – 420 mkg/kg
zinc – 0.08 %

Polyunsaturated fatty acids

Omega-3 – 0.17%,
omega-6 – 1.4%

Amino acids

lysine – 1.67 %
methionine – 0.57 %
cystine – 0.45 %
threonine – 1.17 %
tryptophan – 0.33 %
arginine – 1.71 %

valine – 1.43 %
histidine – 0.58 %
isoleucine – 1.19 %
leucine – 1.87 %
phenylalanine – 1.22 %
tyrosine – 0.81 %


А – 21500 IU/kg
D – 890 IU/kg
Е – 460 IU/kg
В1 – 3.94 mg/kg
В2 – 5.36 mg/kg
В3 – 13.91 mg/kg

В4 – 2350 mg/kg
В5 – 17.49 mg/kg
В6 – 4.59 mg/kg
В9 – 6350 mkg/kg
В11 – 50 mg/kg                        

В12 – 0.46 mg/kg

Energy value

100 grams of product – 400 kcal

Feeding Norm

Age / Weight4 kg7 kg10 kg14 kg16 kg20 kg25 kg30 kg35 kg40 kg
1,5-3 moths90 g135 g175 g219 g242 g286 g301 g318 g357 g396 g
3-5 months95 g145 g190 g240 g266 g314 g349 g431 g483 g534 g
5-8 months68 g116 g152 g207 g240 g273 g335 g497 g559 g622 g
8-13 months67 g102 g135 g172 g191 g227 g269 g416 g469 g520 g
Weight / Age1,5-3 months3-5 months5-8 months8-13 months
4 kg90 g95 g68 g67 g
7 kg135 g145 g116 g102 g
10 kg175 g190 g152 g135 g
14 kg219 g240 g207 g172 g
16 kg242 g266 g240 g191 g
20 kg286 g314 g273 g227 g
25 kg301 g349 g335 g269 g
30 kg318 g431 g497 g416 g
35 kg357 g483 g559 g469 g
40 kg396 g534 g622 g520 g